How to buy meat

How to buy meat | just ask our team

How to buy meat

Be practical, be sensible get some good advise on how to buy meat.

Ask the Gahan Meats team in our Finglas shop Robert, Paul and Peter can advise on any of our products.

These guys will walk you through techniques, recipes, with advice and dinner ideas. So listen to them. They can teach you valuable life lessons. It’s what the boys do all day long. And whatever you choose of any Gahan Meats products, they are of the highest quality available.

Gahan Meats have been supplying quality meat for well over 50 years and through three generations. We now operate out of a state of the art premises in the Northpark Industrial Estate in Finglas. We have a European food factory license (Ireland 2466) and are members of the Craft Butchers of Ireland.

We are meat specialist suppliers. We have a vast combined experience in all areas of meat and poultry and can advise you fully on any of our products. We have a small number of quality Irish suppliers which allows us to control the quality and consistency of our meat.

How to buy meat

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