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Welcome to Gahan Meat's

Family Butchers | Estd. 1949

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Welcome to Gahan Meat’s

Family Butchers | Estd. 1949

Our family serving your family since 1949


Ring 01 8800080 to place your order – our butchers will bring it out to your car.
Alternatively ring 01 8800080 with orders over €50 to avail of our home delivery service, Monday – Friday.


Salt Aged Beef 28 Days Aged 

 Salt Aged Striploin steak 250grm- €7

Salt Aged Rib Eye steak boneless 250grm- €7

Salt Aged Rib Eye Bone in 400grm- €9

Salt Aged T-Bone Steak 450grm-€9

Salt Aged Fillet 200grm – €7

Prime Steaks

Tender Striploin steaks 227grm x 5

454grm pack Sirloin Steak
€6.00 or 2 for €10.00

Prime Rib Eye Steaks 200grm x 2

Prime Striploin steaks 200grm x 2


1lb Mince
€ 4.00 or 3 for €10.00

400g Diced Beef
€ 4.00 or 3 for €10.00

4 pack 4oz Burgers
€ 4.00 or 3 for €10.00

3 pack 6oz Burgers
€ 4.00 or 3 for €10.00

12 pack Meatballs
€ 4.00 or 3 for €10.00

Sirloin roast approx 1.8kg
€20 or part of roasts special 2 for €30  

Tailend Corned Beef approx 1.8kg
€20 or part of roasts special 2 for €30 








Lamb from North County Dublin

 Leg of Lamb Bone in approx 2.4kg – €26

Leg of Lamb Boned & Rolled approx 2kg – €26

Leg of Lamb Butterflied approx 2kg- €26

Lamb Shoulder Boneless approx 850grm – €10

Lamb Rack French Trimmed approx 650grm – €14

Lamb Loin Chops – 3 for €6 / 2 trays for €10

Lamb Gigot Chop boneless – 4 for €6 / 2 trays for €10

Lamb Rump Boneless approx 400grm – €5

Lamb Forequarter Shanks x 2 – €7

Lamb Shoulder Diced 500grm- €6 / 2 trays for €10

Lamb Shoulder Minced 500grm – €6 / 2 trays for €10


 Chicken Supremes – 2 pack


€ 4.00 or 3 for €10.00

Available in:

Lemon & Chilli /BBQ /Garlic/ Stuffed & plain

Chicken Wings approx 900g

€ 4.00 or 3 for €10.00

Available in:

Blazing Brazil / BBQ/Plain


Chicken Fillets (3 fillets per pack)

€ 4.00 or 3 for €10.00

Available in:

BBQ / Blazing Brazil /Garlic & herb/Plain

Chicken Fillets Plain (5 / 25 pack)

€ 6.00 / €25.00  



 Turkey Breast Roast
€20 or  part of roasts special 2 for €30  

 3 pk x 6oz Turkey Burgers
€ 4.00 or 3 for €10.00

400g Turkey Steak
€ 4.00 or 3 for €10.00

400G Turkey Mince
€ 4.00 or 3 for €10.00



Pork Loin Boneless & Tied 1.5-1.7kg –€10

Pork fillets approx 400grm- €5 

Pork Belly Skinless approx 1kg- €7

Pork Belly ribs 1kg- €8

Pork Minced 500grm- €4

Loin Pork Chops Boneless 4 pack

€ 4.00 or 3 for €10.00

Available in:


Breakfast Meats

 Pale Back Rashers 300grm –€2.00

Pale Back Rashers 2.27kg- €10

Smoked Back Rashers 300grm – €2.50

 Pale Streaky Rashers 300grm – €2.00

 Sausages 1lb – €2.30

Black Pudding Ring 400grm – €2

White Pudding Ring 400grm – €2 

 Lynch’s Home Cooked Sliced Ham 400grm – €5.50


Kilbride oven ready meals


1kg Beef Lasagne / Sheppard’s Pie
€5.50 or 2 for €10

900g Chicken Curry
€5.50 or 2 for €10    

Kilbride Prepared 700gr vegetables 

Available in: Baton Carrots /Diced Cabbage & Creamy Mash Potato.

 Frozen Meats

Vista 100% chicken breast meat range 1kg @ €9

Available in:

Chicken Goujons- Breaded /Battered/ Southern Fried

Chicken Breast- Crispy / Southern Fried

Hot & Spicy Chicken Tenders

Chicken Fillet Nuggets

 Battered Chicken Balls

Popcorn Chicken

 Prawns Cooked & Peeled Prawns 400grm
€ 6.00 or 2 for €10.00




Our Expertise

Over the years we have learnt from our customers that the two most important things they expect from a local butcher is high quality product and expert advice. It is for these two reasons why our customers choose to come back to Gahan Meats time after time.

All our product is sourced from the best suppliers in Ireland resulting in our butchers only selling to you Irish Beef and Irish Lamb. For special family occasions such as summer BBQs to Christmas dinner our butchers who have over 50 years of experience are always at your
service to give advice on cooking times, portion sizes and how to get that special dinner right every time.

For your day to day needs we at Gahan Meats provide an excellent 3 for €10 range that includes everything you can think of from gourmet beef burgers, marinated chicken fillets, chicken and beef stir fry dinners and the tastiest chicken wings you’ll ever taste. We also stock fresh ready-made meals including lasagne, cottage pie and Shepard’s pie and if you’re counting the calories just choose from one of our fit food range dinners of which are prepared daily.

We have free car parking Monday to Saturday along with our popular Gahan Meats loyalty scheme for our valued customers. We at Gahan Meats pride ourselves on our expert advice so when in doubt always fell free to avail of our free advice telephone line and just ask for Larry or Kevin on 01 8800080.

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Our Meat

With Gahan Meats dedicated staff constantly sourcing quality meat and inspecting every
delivery into our state-of-the-art wholesale factory we can assure you the finest cuts of meat
every time – this promise is made to our wholesale and retail meat customers alike.

We supply some of the finest hotels and restaurants in Ireland and because of this we can ensure
that our retail customers also avail of a high-quality product that cannot be replicated in any
supermarket chain.

All our Beef and Lamb are 100% Irish in origin and is produced on site
every day for our retail clients. We are constantly working with the most reputable meat
suppliers such as ABP and Irish Country Meats to ensure that our product is of the highest
quality every time. We also work closely with some local farmers particularly around
Christmas and Easter time sourcing and producing only the finest turkeys and lamb for those
special family seasonal occasions.






Cooked Meats



Contact Us

Finglas Shop: Unit 22, North Park Industrial Estate, North Road, Finglas, Dublin 11.
Phone: (01) 8800080

Welcome to Gahan Meats

Family Butchers | Estd. 1949

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Monday to Friday
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